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Know and Honor Your Goals

In the last post I talked about finding out the needs of the other party and how important that is in negotiations large and small. This post is a call to ?never forget your own goals!? If you allow your attention to be pulled off of your own goals and objectives and give up what you need you will be...


What Do They Want

One of the hardest steps to learning successful negotiation is the paradox of knowing and honoring your goals while focusing on the other party?s needs at the same time. Why focus on their needs? Because that?s where successful negotiation begins and ends. If you can discover what they TRULY want and find a way to satisfy that need in the...


Baby Steps to a Better Life

“Baby steps get on the bus, baby steps down the aisle, baby steps …” – Bill Murray as Bob Wiley in “What About Bob?” If you suffer from work paralysis, your problem might be that you don?t know how to take “baby steps”. Just like you can’t eat an entire Thanksgiving dinner in one bite, or weed your yard with...