eMyth … Great Book.

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  1. I’m Interested in your thoughts.. Does 37signals or E-myth have the right philosophy for business start-ups today? http://www.purlem.com/blog/?p=38

  2. admin says:

    Martin: Interesting juxtaposition. I think it probably depends a little bit on the current stage in your company or product “life cycle”. I do think E-Myth is still flexible though too. I don’t think the idea is a “set it and forget” mindset. The idea is to try to boil process down to it’s simplest and most effective. Once you have baselines … you can test other ways to see what works best.

    I also think there is ALWAYS an initial frenzy when starting a new project (or product or whatever). That’s unavoidable and better managed by a 37signals paradigm. But I think eventually you have to get down to process management if you’re going to keep your sanity.

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